Eugene Was Born In Watkins, MN

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Watkins is a city found in Meeker County, Minnesota. It has a total land area of .7 square miles and the main road into the city is the Minnesota State Highway 55.

Watkins has several lakes and recreational parks for you and your family, if you ever plan to visit there. This article gives you some information about the different fun things you can do.

1. Clear Lake

This is a 520 acre lake located about 3 miles south of Watkins on CSAH #2. It is around this area that the Clear Lake Campground and Watkins Sportsmen’s Club are located. Other than Clear Lake, there are other lakes located within a 10 – 20 miles radius. These include the Horseshoe Chain of Lakes found in the Sauk River area. There are numerous resorts and campgrounds all suitable for vacation.

2. Crane Lake

Crane Lake offers a lot of recreational activities both for summer and winter. These activities include boat riding, sports fishing, snowmobiling during winter, hiking, berry picking, bird watching, star gazing and cliff jumping.

crane lake

Additionally, Crane Lake has numerous resorts and lounges where you can spend your vacation and use the best inflatable kayak on the lake. The popular boat rentals around Crane Lake are:

Norway Lodge Resort and RV Park

Scott’s Resort & Seaplane Base

Nelson’s Resort

Scott’s Peaceful Valley

Cabins on Crane

Pine Point Lodge, Resort & Motel

Anderson’s Outfitters

Sand Point Lodge

Voyagaire Lodge and Houseboats

There are also recreational parks in Watkins you can visit for fun and to learn some history of the city like:

1. Clear Lake County Park

This is a 34.4 acre park in the southern area of the Clear Lake on CSAH #2 just 3 miles south of Watkins. It has numerous recreational amenities such as a fishing pier, hiking trails, boat landing site, picnic area with shelters and bathrooms. You could take an inflatable kayak down to the water and start paddling, then have a picnic after that great arm workout.

2. Veterans Park

Veterans Park is located on Veteran’s Drive, west of Central Avenue off State Highway 55. This park is mainly a veterans commemoration park with five granite markers for WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korea and other conflicts’ veterans. Watkins City’s Memorial Day service starts at this park.

3. McCarthy Beach State Park

mccarthy park

McCarthy Beach State Park is located on the northern end of Central Avenue and has two open shelters, a stage, and several picnic tables. It is here that Watkins Kraut N’ Wurst Days are held every Saturday in August.

The park is named after politician and 1968 Presidential candidate Eugene Joseph “Gene” McCarthy who served as a member of the United States Congress for Minnesota from 1949 to 1959.

4. VFW Park

VFW park is being built in the Faber Addition on the eastern side of Watkins City. The Wat-Kim-Valley V.F.W. donated the initiation funds to finance its construction. As a result, the park is named VFW in their honor.