Relaxing Day At McCarthy Park

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I had the day off yesterday so I decided to go to McCarthy park and do some kayaking on the lake. It was my third time visiting, so I thought I’d do some sightseeing as well before I got in the water. I started out very early, so there was plenty left of the day.

There’s a beach section on the lake, so I sat there for a while and ate some stuff out of my cooler. It’s small so I can take it with me on my kayak that I got after reading inflatable kayak reviews. I’m glad I did so I would know what the perfect kayak would be for me. I can also hike here so I’ll definitely be back for that.

mccarthy beach

There’s some camping nearby too, so I can always take a weekend to relax here as well. It’s so peaceful I could spend a week here at a time. After I relaxed and ate on the beach, I put my kayak in the water, got on and started paddling. There are other lakes surrounding the one I was on. It would be great to explore all of them. One thing at a time I guess!